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4 services which gives Chrome OS sense

After long pause, I’m again back with next interesting post about Chrome OS . Today I will talk about 10 applications, which gives cloud based OS sense.

  1. Online Office
    Is not a surprise, that online office services – such as Google Docs or MS Web Apps are getting better and have big future potential. Ability be ready everywhere with internet connection gives them advantage over local based solutions. It also means, that you can have all your files saved and backed up, without everyday stress “what will happen, when notebook go wrong”.
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  2. SSH and remote management
    Chrome OS is based on Linux kernel, so SSH, FTP and remote management is not a problem. For example I can recommend Secure Shell application. It has very nice features which can – for example – easily remember login details for future login (faster than writing same lines again and again…)
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  3. Pixlr Editor
    Web based, browser graphic editor and tool for online drawing.It’s online alternative for Gimp, Paint shop or Photoshop (logically, not all functions). User interface is very similar to normal desktop application – so nothing big and huge for finger touches. Editor also have some awesome features as red eye reduction, filters and many more… And what’s the best? It’s capable of open PSD files!
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  4. Cloud9 IDE
    With this awesome service you can develop your project on the way. You can effectively edit your code with intellisense completion, cooperate with your collaborators or ask community for help.
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